StoriaDuring the eighties a new concept of aluminium frame was proposed by Italian drawing mills and it was commonly defined “SYSTEM”.

Angelo L’Angelotti firmly believed in this innovation and decided that also flyscreens should be a system: that’s how Zanzar Sistem was born.

From ’85 to ’92 the firm established its brand on a regular basis and created the slogan “Flyscreens for every need”.

During the following ten years the right strategies and investments led the firm to become an international market leader.

The evolution of the brand

marchio zanzar 1985

The first brand Zanzar, year 1985

Marchio Zanzar 2002

Brand Zanzar year 2002

Marchio Zanzar 2011

Brand Zanzar today

The historic website

oria_vecchiositoThe first Zanzar Sistem’ portal, online since ’98: