Jumbo 45 Chain


Jumbo 45 Chain is a vertical flyscreen chain operated with also a spring.
Suited for french doors and windows has a maximum overall dimension of 49mm.
It comes with the following standard accessories:
- Compensating caps for easy and fast installation process
- Lower adjustable hooks for uneven jambs
- Spring for mesh tensioning
- Easy opening by light pressure with a foot on a small pedal
Double options for installation: clips for the upper side of the case or lateral fixing clips.



Suggested size




Jumbo 32

Jumbo 32 is a roll up spring operated vertical system with 32mm aluminium case.


Elegante zanzariera ad avvolgimento laterale, ideale per porte-finestre; è dotata di presa ergonomica lungo tutto il profilo della barra maniglia, che ne rende comodo e facile l’azionamento sia dall’interno che dall’esterno.

Jumbo 45

Jumbo 45 is a roll up spring operated vertical system with 45mm aluminium case; suitable for any kind of french door.

Jumbo Horizontal 32-40-45

Lateral Jumbo is a roll up horizontal flyscreen spring operated. Available with 32-40-45 mm case.