Plissè is the ideal fly screen for wide french doors.

The absence of lower guides on the floor makes it easy the cleaning and transit: no architectural barrier! It can be realized with one shutter, two shutters with central closing hook or even “one after another” system from two to six shutters for very wide doors.



Plisse' 1 anta Plisse' 2 ante Plisse' 2 ante a seguire
Plisse' 3 ante Plisse' 4 ante  




Packaging Single
2011 New packaging / packaging standard. Customizable with your logo.
Packaging 2011
Packaging box
The box contains, depending on the model, from 3 to 5 nets in cartons that show neutral on one side with a special label specifies the order details.
Packaging Box
Wooden box from 100 to 120 pieces
Wooden box 97 cm x 280 cm, height 117 cm. Contains from 100 to 120 pieces.
Cassa in legno


Plissè XL

Plissè become bigger and bigger... up to 300 cm, a maximum width of 200 cm.

Embedding kit 40

Built-in device facilitates the positioning of the flyscreen on french doors. Aluminium overall size 40 mm.

Embedding kit 50

Sizes 50 mm. Facilitates the positioning of the fly e screen on french doors and windows. For Unika and Perlegno models.

Embedding kit 78

Plissè embedding + rolling shutter 78 Plissè built-in + the rolling shutter guide facilitate the of the Plissè with the built-in 50 mm.

Compensator profile

For fixing on uneven jambs it is suggestable the utilisation of the lateral wall compensating profile, also closing any remaining space by silicone.

Frontal fixing

Frontal fixing Plissè version on 1 side, 3 sides, 4 sides, on the one hand right corner, left corner on one side, on the right side than left.